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The financial statements, types of companies, accounting records, account type

The financial statements of a company must be reported periodically. This statement is in accordance with basic accounting concepts or principles ...
a. matching
b. entity
c. sustainability
d. cost
e. matching concept.

Everything is sacrificed to finance the company's operations are ...
a. treasure
b. debt
c. capital
d. revenue
e. burden.

In the business world corporate types can be grouped into service companies, trading companies, and manufacturing companies. Grouping is based on the type of company ...
a. corporation
b. production activities
c. operational sites
d. capital employed
e. economic value of production.

Accounting records of a company using price ...
a. wholesaler
b. retail
c. historical
d. periodic
e. unity.

A company liquefy assets held within a period of nine months. The company's assets include group ...
a. fixed assets
b. current assets
c. Other treasures
d. intangible assets
e. Long-term assets.

Workshop Beautiful Motorcycle buy supplies at Shop Beautiful. Activities between the two companies, including transaction ...
a. internal
b. external
c. economy
d. debt
e. receivables.

Account types are grouped into a real account and nominal account. Nominal account is a type of account ...
a. including a group of assets
b. normal balance on the debit side
c. reducing the balance to another account
d. used to prepare the balance sheet
e. used to prepare profit / loss.

Companies save money in the bank in the form of deposits. Deposit period set for six months. In this case, including bank deposits account ...
a. cash
b. debt
c. current assets
d. fixed assets
e. property investment.

An enterprise is a business sewing services. The company has leased the empty building to other companies. Viewed from the aspect of income, rents are included in revenue ...
a. service
b. rent
c. business
d. operational
e. Non-operating.

Obligations because the company has been receiving services from another company called ...
a. bond
b. mortgage
c. debt burden
d. accounts payable
e. debt notes.

External transactions include transactions that are ...
a. payment of employee wages
b. delivery invoices
c. determining the amount of depreciation
d. determination of the use of equipment
e. record wages accrued.

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